Eton Rukus NRKS200GR Solar Sound System Review


Model: Eton Rugged Rukus All-Terrain Portable Solar Wireless Sound System (Green)

Eton Rukus NRKS200GRBuy Eton Rukus Bluetooth Solar Sound System

The Eton Rukus is a rugged music system that is perfect for outdoors in your backyard or on your camping trip. This rugged music system can withstand a drop of up to 3 feet, though it depends on the terrain of the drop. It is water resistance of IPX4 (Ingress Protection Rating 4 – can withstand splashing of water) though will not be able to survive a forceful directed water or immersion in liquid. It is not rated waterproof, only splash proof.

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The Bluetooth enabled system can stream music from your smartphones, tablets and computers, (including iPhone, iPads and iPods). Bluetooth pairing is straight forward and easy with one touch pairing. The control for the streamed audio needs to be done from the originating device – in this case the smart phone or tablets for changing tracks or switching albums. The audio volume is adjusted by the Rukus sound system.

You can also have wired connection from your non Bluetooth enabled devices or music players using the 3.5mm audio input jack.

The sound quality though two 1.5 inch speakers is clear and sharp. The highs are crystal clear; the midrange comes through distinct with adequate bass. The volume is higher than what you expect of this compact system, though at maximum volume there might be slight sound distortion.

The 20 cell glass solar panel measuring 6” x 6” is spread over the top of the music system and charges the lithium ion battery within 5 hours while placed outdoors. You can also use a standard micro USB phone charger to charge the battery or hook up with your laptop or computer for charging, which takes about 2.5 hours. Once fully charged, the music system can play for about 8 hours.

The Eton Rugged sound system also acts as a charger. The USB port at the back provides power to charge your phones (including iPhones and iPods). While on extended trips, you no longer need to carry extra battery packs to keep your phones powered up

Pros for Eton Rukus NRKS200GR Solar Sound System

  • Bluetooth enabled system, easy pairing
  • 3.5 inch audio jack for wired connectivity
  • Dual charging – solar and micro USB
  • Compact size (5.9 x 1.8 x 6.5 inches), light and portable
  • Plays for 8 hours after fully charged
  • Retaining loops to hook up to backpack
  • USB port to charge your phones
  • Drop resistance to 3 feet, splash proof

Cons for Eton Rukus NRKS200GR Solar Sound System

  • Slight distortion at maximum volume
  • Body made of plastic, not scratchproof
  • A/C wall charger not included (can use micro USB phone charger)
  • Not water proof.

Eton Rukus Solar NRKS200GRLight and compact enough to be stowed in your backpack, this sound system weighs 1.2 pounds.  You can easily carry it in the hand (no handle) or use the dual retaining loops to attach the system to your bags or secure it on the go.

This is a perfect sound system to be taken to beach, camping or on long hikes. It has rugged construction and is water resistant and splash-proof. With one touch Bluetooth pairing with your smartphones, it outputs clear sound with adequate bass through its twin speakers. It can be solar charged, or charged using a USB power supply. Above all, it will charge your phones and tablets when there are no nearby power outlets. Portable and affordable, this Eton Rukus sound system is the one to get for those on the move.

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Eton Rukus NRKS200BThe Eton Rukus Solar Sound System is available  in two colors – Green and Black.

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