Fugoo Style Speaker F6STSS01 Review

Model: Fugoo F6STSS01 Style Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Silver)

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There are many portable speaker systems that provide decent listening experience, but Fugoo Bluetooth Wireless Speakers stand out among the crowd. Rugged, wireless, portable, and with interchangeable outer jackets and great sound, these range of speakers are a pleasure to listen to.

The system has four speakers (two mid-range and two passive radiators) on four sides to provide a 360 degree sound experience. This setup is great for parties, outdoor settings (like on the patio), and can be placed anywhere in a room without the sound getting muffled. Two additional twitters provide the high clean notes. These six speakers provide 95 decibels of deep resonant and rich sound to fill your living room.

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Dynamic equalizer automatically adjusts the bass, mid-range and highs just by changing the volume. This provides clear and soft sound when indoors, and you can crank up the volume when outside.

Fugoo speakers are known for their toughness. Internal components are shock mounted within a reinforced case material with resilient end caps which makes them withstand bumps, shocks and even falls. Moreover all the models are waterproof till 3 feet for up to 30 minutes, snow proof, and even dust and sand proof. If your speakers get dirty, you can hose it off.

One of unique feature of the Fugoo Bluetooth Wireless Speaker family is that the outer slide-in jacket can be swapped to suit your requirements. These jackets come in three distinct models – Style, Sports and Tough and can be bought separately if required. The different jackets are geared towards different lifestyle and provide additional functionalities, though the Fugoo speaker system design and performance remain the same.

This review model is called Style which provides elegance and classic styling to suit any living or bedroom décor. The Style jacket is a fiber-reinforced resin shell with waterproof cloth covering. The Sports model is aimed towards active lifestyle and its jacket has a mounting socket at the bottom that can fit onto a multi-mount to fit on your bike, The Fugoo Tough model has an impact resistant jacket made from aluminum and reinforced resin, and can handle rough to heavy use. Like the Sports jacket, the Tough jacket has a mounting socket, as well as aluminum rods at either ends for easy strapping with carabiners and ropes.

The Fugoo is a wireless speaker system that uses Bluetooth to pair with your Bluetooth enabled music players, smartphones, iPods and tablets to stream audio though the speakers. The range is about 30 feet, though the distance will vary depending on your environment. Its Core-X technology provides digital path for the audio stream, and prevents interference from other gadgets like cell phones and radio. Pairing is quick, but sometimes for changing sources (from one Bluetooth gadget to another) you need to turn off the Bluetooth of the paired gadget.

You can also connect the Fugoo with any audio device using the 3.5 inch audio jack.

Pros for Fugoo Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

  • Rugged body to withstand water, sand and dust
  • Interchangeable outer jacket to suit taste, enhance functionality
  • Six speaker system to provide 360 degree sound, excellent bass and clarity
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Audio jack for wired sound
  • Microphone for Google Now and Siri commands
  • Acts as speakerphone for calls
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 40 hours
  • Voice prompts for pairing, status, battery life
  • Optional Remote

Cons for Fugoo Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

  • USB connectivity not for audio, only for firmware updates and charging
  • No user manual in the box, needs to be downloaded
  • Low volume in some outdoor setting
  • Bluetooth re-pairing can be sometimes tricky

Fugoo Bluetooth SpeakersThe Fugoo system has a built-in omnidirectional microphone with which you can answer calls or use Google Now or Siri to play music, respond to a message, or set up an appointment. In these cases, the system will act as a traditional speakerphone.

The Fugoo Wireless speaker systems has a rechargeable battery that can play for about 40 hours at medium volume (with Bluetooth on) before needing to be connected to a power source for recharging.

Customer and users of the Fugoo system have given the Fugoo system high marks in terms of design, sound and portability. Most have commended on its rich sound with deep bass, and a few even have compared it with the high end and pricy Bose systems.

A solidly built Bluetooth system, the Fugoo speakers are meant for rugged handling that can withstand water and sand, are highly portable, provide great 360 degree sound, and can be used as speakerphone. You can have it in your living room, your backyard or take it out on a trek or on to a beach. Its unique interchangeable jackets provide added features and functionalities. There is nothing not to like about these eye-catching portable and rechargeable speakers.

Fugoo Wireless Speakers are available in three models: Style, Sports and Tough.

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