Uniden BC345CRS Review

Model: Uniden BC345CRS 500 Channel Clock/Radio Scanner with Weather Alert

Uniden BC345CRS Radio Scanner

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The new feature filled Uniden BC345CRS is a worthy successor to its ever popular Uniden BC340CRS 100 channel radio scanner. This model adds another 400 channels distributed over 10 banks – so you can store a total of 500 channels in 10 blocks of 50 channels.  The scanning function is fast, scanning over 90 channels per second. You can store the important channels as priority channels – when the scanner is running these priority channels are checked every two seconds, so that you do not miss out on important broadcasts.

This radio scanner can scan all the major emergency frequencies like police, fire or EMS, public safety announcements, and also other interesting channels for aircraft, amateur radio and marine transmission.  It has a telescopic antenna for clearer reception.

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It also picks up NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather broadcasts. The latest weather alerts and weather related emergency announcements are broadcast by the regional NOAA stations.

The radio frequency scanner also has built in AM / FM tuner to listen to your favorite stations. You can save 10 AM stations and 20 FM stations in preset memories for easy retrieval. It can even pick up the audio from local TV broadcasts (channels 2 to 13).  The loop antenna is included for better radio reception.

It displays the time on its clear LCD backlit display. You can set to wake up to scanning or to your favorite radio station. The handy snooze button lets you catch a few more winks. At night you might want to use the programmable sleep timer, which will automatically turn off the Uniden scanner.

Pros for Uniden BC345CRS

  • 500 channels storage (10 blocks of 50 channels)
  • Scan Police, Fire, EMS, Aircraft
  • AM / FM turner with presets
  • Audio from local TV stations
  • Picks up NOAA weather broadcasts
  • Clock with settable alarms, sleep function
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Runs on AC and battery

Cons for Uniden BC345CRS

  • Does not support 800 MHz, dual / triple trunking
  • Maybe complicated for first timers
  • Alarm volume is a bit low

The sound from the speaker is crisp and has a much better quality than the hand held scanners. The body of this desktop radio scanner is elegantly designed and looks stylish on your work table or nightstand. The buttons are large and are laid out for ease of use.

This Uniden radio scanner can be powered either by plugging it to the power outlet with the included AC adaptor, or by 3 AA batteries. It comes with a Uniden scanner manual, AC adaptor and two antennas. For a first time scanner user, the manual is a must read.

This radio scanner has most of the functionalities that one needs in good home scanner. Five hundred channels that can be banked, a AM / FM radio with presets, a clock with settable alarms and support for NOAA weather channels and alerts, this Uniden scanner will be an useful and enjoyable gadget to own.

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