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Fugoo Style Speaker F6STSS01 Review

Model: Fugoo F6STSS01 Style Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Silver)

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Fugoo F6STSS01Buy Fugoo Style Speaker

There are many portable speaker systems that provide decent listening experience, but Fugoo Bluetooth Wireless Speakers stand out among the crowd. Rugged, wireless, portable, and with interchangeable outer jackets and great sound, these range of speakers are a pleasure to listen to.

The system has four speakers (two mid-range and two passive radiators) on four sides to provide a 360 degree sound experience. This setup is great for parties, outdoor settings (like on the patio), and can be placed anywhere in a room without the sound getting muffled. Two additional twitters provide the high clean notes. These six speakers provide 95 decibels of deep resonant and rich sound to fill your living room. READ MORE

Eton Rukus NRKS200GR Solar Sound System Review


Model: Eton Rugged Rukus All-Terrain Portable Solar Wireless Sound System (Green)

Eton Rukus NRKS200GRBuy Eton Rukus Bluetooth Solar Sound System

The Eton Rukus is a rugged music system that is perfect for outdoors in your backyard or on your camping trip. This rugged music system can withstand a drop of up to 3 feet, though it depends on the terrain of the drop. It is water resistance of IPX4 (Ingress Protection Rating 4 – can withstand splashing of water) though will not be able to survive a forceful directed water or immersion in liquid. It is not rated waterproof, only splash proof. READ MORE

Braven BRV-1 Review

Model: Braven BRV-1 Portable Ultra Rugged Wireless Speaker, Gray & White Relief and Turquoise Blue Grill

Braven BRV 1 Wireless Speaker BlueBuy Braven BRV 1

The Braven Rugged Wireless Speaker is a Bluetooth enabled weather-resistant speaker which is extremely portable and delivers good quality sound. The rugged definition for the speaker comes from its build quality with its molded rubber exterior finish and sealed seams. This Braven rugged speaker can easily withstand impacts and drops. The rear ports are protected by a large screw cap. Aluminum grill encloses the front speakers.

BRV-1 is also shock resistance and can withstand elements like extreme temperatures, rain and snow.  Its water resistance is rated at IPX5 (International Protection Standards), which implies that it can resist a direct water spray, though not a submersion in liquid. READ MORE

Uniden BC345CRS Review

Model: Uniden BC345CRS 500 Channel Clock/Radio Scanner with Weather Alert

Uniden BC345CRS Radio Scanner

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The new feature filled Uniden BC345CRS is a worthy successor to its ever popular Uniden BC340CRS 100 channel radio scanner. This model adds another 400 channels distributed over 10 banks – so you can store a total of 500 channels in 10 blocks of 50 channels.  The scanning function is fast, scanning over 90 channels per second. You can store the important channels as priority channels – when the scanner is running these priority channels are checked every two seconds, so that you do not miss out on important broadcasts.

This radio scanner can scan all the major emergency frequencies like police, fire or EMS, public safety announcements, and also other interesting channels for aircraft, amateur radio and marine transmission.  It has a telescopic antenna for clearer reception. READ MORE

Sangean H-202 Review

Model: Sangean H-202 Shower Radio with Bluetooth (White)

Sangean H 202 Shower Radio

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The Sangean H 202 is a worthy successor to the extremely successful and one of the bestselling shower radios, namely the Sangean H-201. Upgraded with Bluetooth integration and new 3 bulbs LED for emergencies, this H-202 is on the way to follow the sellout path of its predecessor.

Built to exacting JIS7 standards of waterproofing, this shower radio is immersion resistance.  JIS7 is the Japan Industrial Standards and the water resistance rating varies from 0 to 8. The ‘0’ rating signifies that there is no special protection while this Sangean Shower Radio has a rating of ‘7’ which signifies that it is “sealed against water incursion in one meter (three feet, three inches) of water for 30 minutes (“immersion resistant” or “submersible”)”. This radio can handle not only water splashing but also accidental cases where the radio falls into the bathtub. It will actually float on water. READ MORE

Sangean K-200 Review

Model: Sangean K-200 Multi-Function Upright AM/FM Digital Radio

Sangean K-200 AM FM Radio
Buy Sangean K-200

Sangean K200 is a quirky but sleek looking digital radio meant to be your companion in the kitchen. Not only it has a radio with AM / FM tuner with presents and alarm, but also includes a cooking timer and a short messaging center.

This kitchen radio is unique as it packs multitudes of functionalities within the narrow vertical body. The radio supports both AM and FM, and each band can handle five presets. Once locked, there is no drifting on the channels.  If required, the included wire antenna can be attached for better reception. Alarms can be set and alert you with your favorite radio station, buzzer or a recorded message.  You can set separate alarms for weekdays and weekends.

You can also leave two short messages (each less than 30 seconds) as reminders, or set up an alarm for your message to play.

The 2.5 inch speaker is omnidirectional, which means that the sound will be dispersed in all direction no matter where you place the Sangean Digital Radio. It produces crisp and clear sound and can fill up the room with deep bass tones. READ MORE

Audioengine A5+ Review

Model: Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speaker Pair (Carbonized Solid Bamboo)

Audioengine A5+ Speakers FrontBuy Audioengine A5+ Speaker

Beautifully crafted and meticulously constructed, these pair of powered Audiengine A5+ speakers produces rich and clear sound that any audiophile will appreciate and love. These powered speakers are a new upgrade to the ever popular Audioengine A5 speakers, enhanced with features and feedback from customers.

Right from the thorough packaging to the included cloth bags for individual speaker, Audioengine’s attention to details is commendable. The custom Kevlar woofers can handle the mid-range without distortion or any strain, while the silk dome tweeters sing out the high notes with clarity and sharpness. Even at high volumes, the sound is natural and flowing. Each speaker supplies 50 Watts RMS, which is good enough for a large room, or a small house. READ MORE

Grace Digital GDI-IR2600 Review

Model : Grace Digital GDI-IR2600 Wi-Fi Internet Radio featuring Pandora, NPR On-Demand, SiriusXM Internet Radio and iHeartRadio – Black

Also known as Grace Digital Innovator X Wi-Fi music player

Grace Digital GDI-IR2600
Buy GDI-IR2600

Don’t  you want a portable radio with full range speaker which can stream radio channels from the Internet and also can tune into on-demand services like Pandora and iHeartRadio?

The Grace Digital GDI-IR2600 is a combo of wireless radio, a media streamer with programmable alarm clock. It connects to the Wi-Fi network at home or office and can stream over 18,000 radio stations including NPR, CNN, BBC and Fox News. You can tune into over 35,000 podcasts or over 20,000 on demand streams. With this internet radio, even the top rated Pandora on demand service is for free. Of course you can access the paid services too, like iHeartRadio and SiriusXM. READ MORE

Cowon Z2-32BL MP3 Player (Z2 Plenue)

Model : Cowon Z2-32BL 3.7-Inch AMOLED 800 x 480 Capacitive Touchscreen MP3 Player

Cowon_Z2-32BL MP3 Player


Cowon is reputed for its devices with great audio quality and this Cowon Z2-32BL  MP3 player lives up to the reputation.  Players like iPods cannot match the pure and rich sound that this MP3 player produces. It comes with more than 40 preset equalizer settings ranging from Rock to Jazz to Reverbs for that precise sound you desire. It also has 4 slots for user settings. You can also set it for bass boost to increase your low bass sound, and MP3 enhance which will try to offset the lost sound parts for low graded MP3 songs.

The great sound quality is enhanced with the included Cowon SE2 earphones. It is designed to fit snug in the ears, and delivers rich and vivid sound. You can of course use your own favorite headphones. The Cowon Z2 32BL MP3 player also has in-built speakers for easy listening, but the sound is on the weaker side.

Apart from audio, it supports most of the formats for videos and images. It can play full HD at 1080p and  the videos and image slideshow can be viewed on your TV using the HDMI port. READ MORE