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DBTech 24 Inch Digital LED Clock (Green)

Model: DBTech “TIME BAR” Huge 24 Inch Oversized Digital Green LED Clock

DBTech Digital Clock Green
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If you are searching for a large and elegant digital clock for your living room or office, the DBTech 24 inch oversized LED clock is the one to consider. Measuring over 2 feet, this huge clock keeps perfect time and is bright enough to be read in sunlight and shade.

The time is displayed in HH:MM:SS format, and the digits are about 3 inches high, which is convenient for those visually impaired. The AM / PM legend, which are half inch high, lights up instead of the usual dot indicator. The time format can be set either in 24 hours format or the 12 hour format with AM / PM indicator.  The colons flash every second. READ MORE

Ambient Weather WS-5300 Review


Model: Ambient Weather WS-5300 Wireless Home Weather Station

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A good weather station for the home should be easy to setup, provide daily data in a easy to use console that will display most of the data at one glance. The Ambient Weather WS-5300 fits the bill very comfortably.

The WS-5300 Weather Station comes in two parts. The large indoors backlit LCD console, also known as the receiver, displays live data like temperature, wind speed and wind direction, and humidity.  The receiver can be self-standing on a shelf or mantelpiece, or can be mounted on the wall. It needs two AA batteries for its operation. Try to use Lithium batteries instead of Alkaline. Its time is Radio controlled and includes time zone setting, or the clock can be manually set. READ MORE

Ambient Weather WR-334-U Review


Model: Ambient Weather WR-334-U Emergency Solar Hand Crank Weather Alert Radio, Flashlight, Siren, Smart Phone Charger

Ambient Weather WR-334-UBuy Ambient WR-334-U

When the chips are down and you need basic information, an emergency radio is vital. The Ambient Weather WR-334-U is a new model in the popular Adventurer series of weather alert radios.

The Ambient Weather Radio support s AM, FM and 7 Channel Weather Band Radio. It is a NOAA weather radio that can warn you with visual and audible indication on weather alerts. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is a network of radio stations broadcasting weather information from National Weather Service office. It broadcasts weather related forecasts and warnings on a 24 x 7 basis.



DBTech Digital Clock Review


Model: DBTech Big Oversized Digital Green LED Calendar Clock with Day and Date – Shelf or Wall Mount (12 inches – Green LED)

DBTech Digital Clock Green
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How many times have you searched for your wristwatch or your phone to just check the time or the date? Have you ever got up from your desk or sofa and walked around trying to find a calendar or a table clock? Well, now you can have the beautifully designed DBTech Digital Clock with Day and Date hanging from the wall. The large bold LED display can be read across the room and is a great buy for your parents, elders and those who are visually challenged

The DBTech Digital Clock displays the time in large 2 ½ inch digits and lights up the AM / PM legend. Below the time, the day of the week, the month and the date is displayed (SUN FEB 27). Everything is spelled out in letters instead of numbers.

The display can be adjusted to three levels of brightness and can easily be read in sunlight and darkness. The brightness also acts like a nightlight, and can serve a dual purpose in a room with children or the elderly. The digital clock can either be hung on the wall, or can be made to stand upright on a mantelpiece or a flat surface. READ MORE

Nostalgia KRS2100 Review


Model : Nostalgia Electrics KRS 2100 Kegorator Beer Keg Fridge, Black

Nostalgia KRS2100  

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On a warm summer day, there is nothing more enjoyable than having a chilled draft beer in your home. A beer kegorator or a draft beer dispenser is indispensable addition to your kitchen. A good beer dispenser can accommodate various sized kegs, has the ability to control pressure, and keep the beer chilled at the exact temperature you want.

The commercial grade Nostalgia KRS2100 fits the bill in many ways. This beer Kegorator can accommodate a few different sized kegs.  It holds standard half barrel kegs, or 1/4 barrel pony sized kegs. Or you can also use twin 5 gallon D sized kegs. Also it has a standard D sized coupler for the kegs.

The top mounted single tapper is spring loaded, which means if you let go of it after you have finished pouring, it will return to the closed position by itself. This Keg O Rator dispenses cold beer in the 30° F to 40° F range – the temperature can be set with the adjustable thermostat.

The included 2.5 pound CO2 gas tank can easily provide pressure for four 15 gallon kegs. Two pressure regulators are provided, one for the optimum control of the output pressure, the other for the tank pressure and volume of the CO2 gas in the cylinder. For a great frothy head, set the output pressure between 8 to 12  PSI (pounds per square inch). READ MORE