DBTech 24 Inch Digital LED Clock (Green)

Model: DBTech “TIME BAR” Huge 24 Inch Oversized Digital Green LED Clock

DBTech Digital Clock Green
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If you are searching for a large and elegant digital clock for your living room or office, the DBTech 24 inch oversized LED clock is the one to consider. Measuring over 2 feet, this huge clock keeps perfect time and is bright enough to be read in sunlight and shade.

The time is displayed in HH:MM:SS format, and the digits are about 3 inches high, which is convenient for those visually impaired. The AM / PM legend, which are half inch high, lights up instead of the usual dot indicator. The time format can be set either in 24 hours format or the 12 hour format with AM / PM indicator.  The colons flash every second.

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The DBTech Time Bar needs AC power to run using the included power adaptor. After unboxing and plugging in the clock, the time is automatically set to Eastern Standard Time. You can change the time zone using a button at the back. Once set, there is no need to reset it as it retains the time in its memory even during power outage.

The LED display is crisp and bright, and is housed in elegant black enclosure. The frame is of metal which gives it a sense of solidity and sturdiness. The clock can be hung from the wall with the included mounting screws and anchors. The AC adapter plugs into the recessed outlet at the back of the clock, so that the clock can hang flushed with the wall. Or if you prefer, you can set it standing on a mantelpiece.

Pros for DBTech 24 Inch Clock

  • Huge 3 inch digits, can be seen in sunlight and darkness
  • Option of 24 hour or 12 hour format
  • AM / PM legend lights up  (not a dot indicator)
  • Retains time in memory during power outage
  • Bright, crisp LED display in elegant black housing
  • Can be hung on the wall or set standing
  • Power adaptor, mounting screws and anchors included

Cons for DBTech 24 Inch Clock

  • Power cord is 6 feet – may need extension
  • Some may find in too bright during night
  • No brightness level adjustment
  • Does not run on batteries

The brightness can be a bit distracting in the dark but can act as a nightlight. There is no control to adjust the brightness of the LED. The LED display comes in three colors – green, blue and red. The green and red colors stand out, while the blue is a bit subdued. If you are gifting to an elderly, check if they have aversion to a particular color.

The  DBTech Time Bar is a huge digital clock with sharp and large digits. Best for recreation rooms, gyms, kitchen, garage or your office, this clock runs on AC and retains the time settings during power outage. If you have been thinking of getting a large digital clock for yourself or as a gift for the elderly, this DBTech 24” clock will keep the time for you.

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The DBTech Time bar Digital Clock comes in three colors and three sizes.
The colors are Green, Blue and Red. The sizes are 24 inch (this review), 30 inch and 36 inch. You can select the color and size you want from the carousel below.

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