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Model: Matricom G-Tab Iota Quad Core Android Tablet PC [10.1 Inch IPS, 16GB, Wi-Fi] (White)

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This 10.1 inch tablet is another impressive product from the well-known company Matricom. Featuring fast processor and High Definition screen this tablet is a multimedia toiler.

First of all the Matricom Iota tablet has an IPS (In-Plane Switching) high resolution 10.1 inch display screen. IPS display panels are costlier than the regular LCD screens and provide better color range. These IPS displays also provide wider viewing angles without the images getting washed out when viewed from the side. Two people can easily watch a movie. The screen resolution for this tablet is still considered HD at 1200 x 800 – though it is not a full HD (1980 x 1200), which the high end tablets and TV screens now have. The resolution and the multi-touch IPS screen is still a good bargain at this price.

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Powered by quad core A31 Allwinner chip, the tablet provides fluid and fast navigation. There is hardly any lag while opening various applications and movies can be watched without any stuttering. For gaming the G-Tab Iota contains a separate 3D gaming chip for smooth gameplay. A 360 degree gyro sensor is also included, which is a sensor for detecting the orientation of the device (like portrait or landscape, angle of the tablet) and supports playing fast action games.

The Android tablet has a fast internal memory of 1GB, which is adequate for day to day operation as well to watch movies. Currently the higher priced tablets have internal memory of 2GB, and sometimes more. Note: Apple iPad Retina has the same amount of internal memory at 1GB.  The storage available for music, videos and photos is 8GB, and can be expanded by another 32GB by using a microSD card.

You can attach flash drives, external hard disks or even keyboard with the MicroUSB port. You will need the included cable to connect these USB gadgets to the MicroUSB port. The Mini HDMI port will let you connect your TV to the tablet to watch movies. The Mini HDMI to HDMI cable is not included.

The integrated Wi-Fi will let you connect to your home or office wireless network. Most of the wireless protocols are supported (802.11 b/g/n). It also has Bluetooth connectivity for transferring files, Bluetooth headphones and keyboards. The speaker is at the back of the tablet. You can attach wired headphones using the Audio jack.

Loaded with the Google’s  Android Jelly Bean  (version 4.2.2) operating system, the G-Tab supports Google Play to download from thousands of Apps, eBooks, music and movies. The tablet plays and supports all major audio and video formats.

Pros for Matricom G-Tab Iota 10.1” tablet

  • Quad core (1.5GHz x 4) A31 Allwinner fast processor
  • Additional gaming processor (Mali400 3D Gaming GPU)
  • 10.1 inch HD IPS screen (1200 x 800)
  • MicroSD card slot for storage expansion
  • MicroUSB port for expandability (Hard Disks, Keyboards, Flash Drives)
  • Connect your TV to the tablet using the Mini HDMI port.
  • Front and back cameras
  • Integrated Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth connectivity
  • Quickboot technology for fast startup

Cons for Matricom G-Tab Iota 10.1” tablet

  • After Android OS and App space, only 5 GB remains out of 8 GB storage
  • Low resolution cameras (Back 2 Megapixel, Front 0.3 megapixel)
  • Android OS not latest version
  • Relatively low battery life with extended use

Matricom G-Tab Iota The Matricom Iota tablet has both front and back facing cameras, though the resolution is one the lower side. The resolution of the back camera is 2 Megapixel, which takes just passable pictures. Do not expect great quality out of it. There is no flash for the back camera, though you can take 720p resolution video with it. The front camera is only 0.3 Megapixel, which may be adequate for video chatting (like Skype). Both the cameras will give blurry results in low light.

Though the G-Tab Iota 10.1” tablet has a sealed 6000 mAh (Milliamps Hour) battery, the life is relatively on the lower side with 6 hours of extended use.  A lot of power is consumed to drive the high resolution display. Without video playback, the battery life is more than sufficient for Internet browsing and listening to music. MicroUSB cable, charger and an user manual are included.

Customer feedback has been positive, especially on the smooth navigation and video playback. Most of them have been impressed with the high resolution display with vivid colors and clear images. With included 1 year defect warranty, multiple ports and connectivity options, great screen, fast processors and low price, this 10.1 inch tablet from Matricom is a winner.

Matricom GTab Iota Android Tablet is available in two colors – White and Black.

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