LG Electronics 42LB6300 Review

: LG Electronics 42LB6300 42-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV

Also Review of 47 inch, 55 inch, 60 inch and 65 inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV

LG Electronics 42LB6300 LED Buy LG 42LB6300 LED TV

A new series of backlit LED TV from LG Electronics brings full HD resolution and Smart features into your living room.

It has a native refresh rate of 120Hz which is sufficient for clear and bright pictures. This series of LG television uses backlight LED which is also known as Direct LED to display 1080p full HD display. This is a step up from the previously used cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlighting. In this case of Direct LED, the brightness is spread evenly over the display but cannot be controlled individually. Most of the higher priced TV models have moved on to Edge lit and Dynamic backlight LED, which provide superior picture and contrast, but comes at a higher price category.

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The LG 42LB6300 effective Motion Clarity Index (MCI) is pegged at 600, which is an indication of the higher frame rates, smoother display for fast motion broadcasts (like auto racing events and action sequences) and the internal hardware for video processing. The MCI number on this TV indicates a crisp and fluid viewing experience. The display panels used for these TV models are of IPS (In-Plane Switching) type which provides superior color depth and viewing angles compared to the standard TN (Twisted Nematic) type of displays found on most low to medium range televisions.

Most of the current generation televisions provide interface to be connected to the Internet and access various video and audio channels. The LG Smart TV series is no exception with its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. You will need a wireless (Wi-Fi) connectivity at home to hook up the TV.

Basing its navigation software on WebOS, it supports major video and audio streaming services likeLG WebOS Apps Netflix, YouTube and even Amazon. WebOS is a system initially developed by Palm Corporation and was later taken over by Hewlett Packard (HP) who refined the software. WebOS provides a user friendly interface and smooth navigation and scrolling. You will be able to select and download new Apps from the App store, which is slowly expanding to include new services. One year of free Netflix service is included.

With the Magic Remote you can click, point and gesture to select and scroll through the interface. You can even navigate using voice commands though the list of commands is limited. With the remote you can control other connected devices like the Blu-Ray player or the Home Receiver system.

Using WiDi (Wireless Display is a technology developed by Intel) you can stream movies, photos, music and Apps wireless to your TV from you Smartphone, tablet or computer. All these devices need to be on the same wireless network for them to work together.

Pros for LG 42LB6300 TV

  • Full HD 1080p Smart TV with Motion Clarity Index of 600
  • IPS display panel for better colors and viewing angles
  • WebOS software and store for on screen navigation
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (Wireless) for Internet connectivity
  • Supports steaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Video
  • Free one year Netflix service
  • Magic Remote for fast navigation, supports scroll, clicks and gestures
  • Ports: 3 x HDMI, 4 x USB 2.0, 1 x Component, 1 x Composite, Headphone, Optical out
  • WiDi support for wireless streaming of video, audio, images
  • Energy Efficient at about $7 per year

Cons for LG 42LB6300 TV

  • Refresh rate at 120Hz, higher end TVs have 240Hz for blur- less display
  • Only a small set of Apps available though WebOS web-store
  • Limited voice commands for Magic Remote
  • May need additional keypad / keyboard for search, alphanumeric input

LG Magic RemoteThe LG Smart LED TV supports 3 HDMI input ports for hooking up your cable or satellite connection, a Blu-Ray Player, and a gaming console. There are 4 USB 2.0 ports where to attach a Flash drive or even a portable hard drive to play back your movies and songs. Other ports include 1 x Component, 1 x Composite , Headphone jack and an Digital Optical Out to connect to your Home theater system. There are two speakers which provide 20W of sound output.

People who have bought and used the television have praised the display quality and easy setup. The stand is bit curved which helps in stability. The sound from the speakers are adequate.

Overall these television models from LG provide sharp, clear and bright picture, has built in wireless connectivity, supports major streaming services, and is WiDi enabled to stream movies and songs from your Smartphone and tablets. The newly designed Magic Remote is a fast way to navigate the WebOS interface for Apps, movies and other streaming services. With numerous ports and interfaces to hook up other devices, this full HD TV will let you enjoy your favorite shows and channels for years to come.

The LG series comes in various sizes ranging from 42 inches to whopping 65 inches to suit your viewing needs.

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